Building Permits

Whether you are going to build a new structure, from the ground up, make repairs to an existing structure, chances are you will need a permit for work that is going to be done. Building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits are all issued through the Sampson County Department of Building Inspections. The Sampson County Department of Building Inspections can be reached at 910-592-0146.

The City of Clinton by State mandate enforces the North Carolina Uniform: Statewide Building Code, which uses as its referenced documents the B.O.C.A. National Building Code, International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code and the ANSI A1117-1 Standards for Handicap accessibility and use. The city has contracted with Sampson County to perform the Inspection functions. You will need to obtain a Development Permit prior to applying for your Building permit.


  • Applications must be completed by the person who will do the work.
  • Where the work is structural, two sets of drawings must accompany the application and three plans where applicable.
  • Mailed-in applications are accepted.


  • Permit fees are collected by Sampson County.
  • Depending on the detail, a plan review fee may be charged.

Additional Information

In all cases, zoning approval is required before a permit can be issued. In every case, the permit authorizes the work to be done, but does not guarantee that the work complies with the code. Inspection is required to assure code compliance.