Planning & Development


To enhance the quality of life for the diverse citizenry of Clinton by promoting quality development and redevelopment with use of sound planning principles, land use regulation, historic preservation, permitting, and code enforcement in a customer focused manner that is consistent and fair to all citizens.

Role of the Planning Department

In July 2004, Sampson County contracted with the City of Clinton to provide county planning services. The Clinton-Sampson Planning and Development Department is dedicated to serving the citizens of Clinton and Sampson County through planning, development, and zoning practices. Benefits of planning and development practices include:

  • Ensuring Cost-Effective Public Services to Citizens
  • Establishment of Economic Development Areas for Job Growth
  • Implementation of Community Goals
  • Predictable Land Use Patterns
  • Preservation of What Is Important in Your Community
  • Protection Against Negative Environmental Impacts
  • Protection of Property Rights Against Negative Uses
  • Setting of Minimum Aesthetic and Functional Standards