Royal Lane Pool


Non-swimmers supervising children in the pool may have their entry fee waived at staff discretion.
Rate Description
Children (15 & Under)
Adults (16 to 54)
Disabled or Seniors (55 & Over)
Daily Rates
$2.00 Per Person $3.00 Per Person $1.00 Per Person
Group Rates
$1.50 Per Person $2.50 Per Person N/A
Season Passes
$75.00 Per Person $25.00 Per Person $75.00 Per Person

Swimming Lessons

Lesson Description
City Fee (Resident)
County Fee (Non-Resident)
Fitness Swim/Stroke Refinement
$40 Per Session $50 Per Session
Getting to Know H2O
$2 Per Person Per Day
$4 Per Person Per Day
Swimming Lessons
$30 Per Session $40 Per Session
Water Acclimation
$5 Per Person $10 Per Person

Swim Lesson

Classes are limited to ten students per class. Sessions are one week long and are held Monday through Friday for forty-five minutes.

Water Acclimation Guided Instruction

Classes include twenty-five minutes of personal, individualized instruction given based on the needs of the patron.

Getting to Know H2O

Classes include general water safety information, first aid procedures, breath control underwater, using a flotation device and more. There is a new topic each day. There are eight separate one-hour sessions.

Fitness Swim/Stroke Refinement

Classes are three weeks long and meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for forty-five minutes per day. Students are allowed to come to public swim free of charge during the three weeks of class.

Pool Rental

Rental Description
Deposit Fee
Rental Fee
Lifeguard Fee
City Fee (Residents)
$50 Per Hour $50 Per Hour $30 Per Hour $130 Per Hour
County Fee (Non-Residents)
$100 Per Hour $100 Per Hour $30 Per Hour $230 Per Hour

Additional Rental Fees

Rental fees guarantee pool reservation. Half of the fees are due as a security deposit upon reservation. There is an additional $50 charge for rentals on Sundays. There will be no rentals on holidays. Rentals with more than one hundred people require a staff member other than a lifeguard to be present. 

Staffing fee is $20 per hour. If a police presence is requested or recommended by the Recreation Director, the fee is $20 per hour per officer (1 officer per 100 people). For profit events are not permitted at Royal Lane Pool.