Recreation Centers

Hourly Rates

Rental Description
Deposit Fee
Rental Fee
City Fee (Residents) $25.00 Per Hour
$50.00 Per Hour $75.00 Per Hour
County Fee (Non Residents) $37.50 Per Hour $75.00 Per Hour $112.50 Per Hour

Additional Fees

Rental fees guarantee a clean up prior to reservation. Half of the fees are due as a security deposit upon reservation. There is an additional $50 charge for rentals on Sundays. There will be no rentals on holidays. Rentals end at dark when parks close. 

Rentals with more than one hundred people require a staff member to be present. Staffing fee is $20 per hour. If a police presence is requested or recommended by the Recreation Director, the fee is $20 per hour per officer (1 officer per 100 people). Renters may be required to provide portable toilets for their event as directed by recreation staff. For sports groups wishing to use courts or the track for an extended period, please refer to the long-term use fee chart.