Business License / Privilege Licenses

Anyone operating a business or conducting business within the City of Clinton is required to contact the Planning and Development Department at 910-299-4909 to ensure that the business is zoned appropriately. Any business that is an itinerant merchant/peddler (see definition) needs to contact the Clinton Police Department at 910-592-3105. Any business engaging in selling alcoholic beverages is required to contact the Billing and Collections Department at 910-299-4909.

Licenses are renewed annually by May 1, of the current license year for beer and wine licenses and July 1, of the current license year for itinerant merchant and peddler. Please see our requirements and regulations for more information.


License Type
Beer off Premises $5.00
Beer on Premises $15.00
Beer (Wholesale) $37.50
Beer and Wine Dealer (Wholesale) $62.50
Mixed Beverages (with Purchase of Beer and Wine Licenses Only) $0.00
Wine off Premises Fortified/Unfortified $10.00
Wine on Premises Fortified/Unfortified $15.00
Wine (Wholesale) $37.50


License Type
By Foot $25
By Vehicle $25