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Clinton Police Department Community Survey

  1. As we conduct our third community survey, we would sincerely appreciate if you could take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire about your perceptions of crime and policing in the City of Clinton. Your input provides an updated understanding of the perceptions and wishes of the community. We strive to provide the most responsive, efficient, and compassionate police services possible to the Clinton community. We use the survey results to assess policing services and direct the department in a professional and responsible manner. We want to assure you that your answers are completely confidential, and your identity will not be known. The survey is just one way to help us better serve you and we sincerely thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

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  3. If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to contact Lt. Adrian Mathews at or (910)-592-3105.

  4. Respectfully,

  5. Donald Edwards Chief of Police

  6. Instructions: This survey is available on-line at Citizens only need to complete this survey one time. (Either online or paper form survey) Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You do not have to answer every question. Please circle the response that best represents your opinion. Please return your completed survey to the City of Clinton Water Department with your payment or in person at the Clinton Police Department, 222 Lisbon St., Clinton NC 28328. If you prefer to mail your survey please mail to PO Box 986, Clinton NC 28328. Please complete and return the survey by August 15th, 2020.

  7. SECTION 1: How safe do you consider yourself in Clinton

  8. 1.1 How safe do you feel at night in your home?

  9. Answers

  10. 1.2 How safe do you feel out alone at night walking in your immediate neighborhood?

  11. Answers

  12. 1.3 How safe do you feel out alone during the day walking in your immediate neighborhood?

  13. Answers

  14. 1.4 Do you think crime in Clinton has increased,decreased, or remained the same over the last 12 months?

  15. Answers

  16. 1.5 Have you limited, changed, or reduced your activities in Clinton because you are concerned about crime?

  17. Answers

  18. 1.6 Do you feel that crime is such an issue in Clinton that you have considered moving.

  19. Answers

  20. SECTION 2: How concerned are you about the following situations in Clinton during day-time hours?

  21. Having your home/business burglarized

  22. Answers

  23. Walking/Bycyling within Clinton

  24. Answers

  25. Driving through Clinton

  26. Answers

  27. Children being exposed to drugs

  28. Answers

  29. Strangers loitering near your home/business

  30. Answers

  31. SECTION 3: How concerned are you about the following situations in Clinton during night-time hours?

  32. Having your home/business burglarized

  33. Answers

  34. Driving through Clinton

  35. Answers

  36. Walking within Clinton

  37. Answers

  38. Children being exposed to drugs

  39. Answers

  40. Children being exposed to drugs

  41. Answers

  42. Strangers loitering near your home/business

  43. Answers

  44. SECTION 4: To what extend do you believe the issues listed below are a problem in Clinton?

  45. Speeding Cars

  46. Answers

  47. Illegal Drug possession and use

  48. Answers

  49. Loud music or other noise from homes

  50. Answers

  51. Parking/traffic problems

  52. Answers

  53. Inadequate street lighting

  54. Answers

  55. Public drinking/intoxication

  56. Answers

  57. Trespassing upon your property

  58. Answers

  59. Vandalism

  60. Answers

  61. Loud noises coming from cars

  62. Answers

  63. Youths"hanging around", blocking streets,side walks, business

  64. Answers

  65. Property being stolen

  66. Answers

  67. SECTION 5: Experience with Clinton Police

  68. 5.1 Have you had any contact with the Clinton Police Department in the past three years?

  69. Answers

  70. 5.2 Were you treated professionally, with dignity and respect?

  71. Answers

  72. 5.3 if you called the Clinton Police for any reason in the past three years, how quickly did they respond?

  73. Answers

  74. SECTION 6: Overall perception of the Clinton Police Department

  75. The Clinton Police Department is responsive to my needs

  76. Answers

  77. I would not hesitate to call the Clinton Police Department for assistance

  78. Answers

  79. The Clinton Police Department interacts with citizens at community-based events

  80. Answers

  81. The Clinton Police Department is engaged with citizens throughout the community

  82. Answers

  83. Overall, how well do you feel the Clinton Police Department does in providing services to the community?

  84. Answers

  85. SECTION 7: Topical issues

  86. How much do you agree with each statement below?

  87. The Clinton Police are honest and ethical when dealing with you

  88. Answers

  89. The Clinton Police Department works together to help the community

  90. Answers

  91. The Clinton Police show concern for your rights as a member of the community

  92. Answers

  93. The Clinton Police show a real interest in being fair when making decisions that affect you

  94. Answers

  95. SECTION 8: Residential Status

  96. Circle the answer that best applies to you.

  97. Answers

  98. What is your age?

  99. Answers

  100. Which street do you live on?

  101. How many adults (18+) live in your household?

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