Long-Term & Tournament Rentals

Rental Fees

Facility Description Long-Term Rental (No Markings) Tournament Rentals (1st Marking/Day)
Baseball/Softball Fields $50 Per Week Per Field
$150 Per Field Per Day
Bellamy Activity Room $35 Per Week N/A
Gym $75 Per week $200 per weekend 
Multipurpose/Football Field $75 Per Week $200 Per Day
Open Space $25 Per Week N/A
Royal Lane Track $50 Per Week
Soccer Fields (Fields 1 and 2) $30 Per Week Per Field
$60 Per Field Per Day
Soccer Fields (Fields 3 and 4) $60 Per Week Per Field
$120 Per Field Per Day
Tennis Courts (2 Courts)
$30 Per Week $60 Per Day

Additional Fees

Rental fees guarantee a cleanup and tournament marking each day prior to reservation and staff on duty to provide gate and restroom access. Half of fees are due as a security deposit upon reservation. A $50 cleanup fee will be assessed for each time the gym and restrooms are not restored to good condition after use. If a police presence is requested or recommended by the Recreation Director, the fee is $20 per hour per officer.