Industrial Pretreatment

Contained within the laws of the City is a document called the Sewer Use Ordinance. These are the rules and regulations which protect our sewer collection system and the wastewater treatment facility. The rules discuss flows, organic loadings, temperature, toxins, heavy metals, and many other possible characteristics.

We have industries connected to our system which are termed Significant Industrial Users. This is to say that, because of a variety of wastewater characteristics, they are our most likely candidates if the treatment works become upset or if pass thru occurs. Accordingly, the City of Clinton is required by DWR PERCS to monitor these users closely. We currently have four Significant Industrial Users who, in combination, represent over 60% of our average daily flow and greater than 85% of our average daily organic loading.

As a requirement of our Pretreatment Program, the City of Clinton is developing a Mercury Minimization Plan (MMP) to control and/or reduce the introduction of mercury and mercury containing compounds into our collection system and wastewater treatment plant. When mercury is introduced into the environment, it makes its way into our surface waters where it accumulates in the tissues of living organisms, causing fish and other seafood to be unsafe for human consumption. The treatment process for wastewater and biosolids does not effectively remove mercury from the wastestream. Therefore, the City is focusing on best management practices and gathering information from local industries, dental offices, medical facilities, and other businesses regarding the use of mercury containing compounds at these facilities. This MMP is part of an overall effort by the State of North Carolina to reduce the amount of mercury that enters the environment.

In the calendar year of 1998, the City of Clinton's Industrial Pretreatment Program received one of only two commendations awarded by the North Carolina Division of Water Quality.

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