Vehicle Security Starts with You

Vehicle break-ins are a serious, but common crime that unfortunately many citizens find themselves being a victim to. Cars are broken into at all times of the day and night. There are simple tips that will help individual to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of vehicle break-in.

Lock your vehicles at night. 
Thieves are opportunists that are looking for easy targets that can be accessed with as little noise as possible.  Most car break-ins in Clinton involve an unlocked car.
Do not leave items of value lying visible in the passenger area of a vehicle. 
Previewing valuables allows a thief to” window shop” and that increases your likelihood of becoming a victim. 
Remove all firearms from your vehicle when you go home at night.
Vehicles do not make very secure gun cabinets.
Thieves are less likely to break in vehicles that are parked in well illuminated areas. 
Homeowners should use outside lights especially motion detection lights to make the yard and driveway more visible at night.
When you notice suspicious persons or circumstances, call the police.
Officers recognize that proactive police work will be more beneficial in preventing crime and they are eager to respond.

Clinton Police Crime Prevention Bulletin
Boletín de Prevención de Crimen del Departamento de Policía


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