Property & Evidence Management

          Property and evidence management is staffed by two employees who oversee all evidence and found property that is taken into custody by the Clinton Police Department.  The unit is responsible for returning property to the rightful owner at the conclusion of an investigation or otherwise disposing of property in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes.  Citizens will be notified when property has been released by the Department.  Appointments are required to pick up property.

The Sergeant over property and evidence can be reached at (910) 592-3105.

      Clinton Police Department provide services for personal property registration. Citizens' information is kept confidential and only accessible to law enforcement.

1. Be a Clinton City Resident.
2. Bring property to the Police Department for it to be photographed
3. Valid identification
4. Be over the age of 18 or must be accompanied by an adult.

Items to Register:
*Electronics (Tablet, Ipad, Laptop)

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