Opioid Overdose Awareness

Statistics show that opioid medications are fueling a nationwide epidemic of unintentional drug overdose deaths, with Sampson being among the counties with the highest number of drug-related deaths each year.
The Clinton Police Department recognizes that opioid overdose can have a devastating effect on a person's life, even the whole family's lives.  Education provides information to help prevent citizens from becoming victims.  Be well aware of the benefits and risks if you are prescribe opioid medication. Know your options and talk to your medical provider about it.
The Clinton Police Department has a permanent medical drop box for citizens to safely dispose potentially dangerous, expired, unused, or unwanted prescriptions. See Medicine Drop for further information.

Remember, YOU are the only one who make the choice.

See Clinton Police Department Opoid Overdose Awareness Pamphlet for detail information. 
                                                                                    Opioid Overdose Awareness
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