Services & Fees

Departmental Services
  • Planning Board
  • Conditional Use Requests
  • Subdivision Review
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Community Development
  • Zoning Administration
  • Rezoning
  • Variance
  • Main Street/Department
  • Site Plan Review for Development Compliance Permit & Sign Permit

Planning Board meets the 3rd Monday of each month
Deadline for Applications - 1st Friday of each month

Schedule of Fees

 Description  Price
 Special Use Permit Application  $200.00
 Ordinance Copies  $10.00
 Rezoning Application  $200.00
 Variance  $200.00
 Zoning Amendment  $200.00
 Minor Subdivision  $50.00
 Major Subdivision  $100.00
 Manufactured Home Park  New - $100
 (Plus $5.00 per lot)
 Old - $50
 (Plus $2.50 per lot)
 Cell Tower Plan Review  $500.00
 Radio Frequency Intermodulation Study  $500.00
 Review (co-location applications only)  (each application)
 Zoning Compliance Permit for New Residential  $50.00
 Zoning Compliance Permit for New Commercial  $75.00
 Zoning Compliance Permit for Additional, Accessory Building, Deck, etc.  $25.00
 Zoning Compliance Permit for Moving Mobile Home onto Mobile Home Park   Lot  $15.00
 Sign Permit  $1.00 (per square foot of signage)
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